“Le Sujet dans la Cité” association

was created out of the will to collectively embody the annual eponymous journal which it sustains, throughout public debates organized in different institutional, cultural and artistic places of the City-state. The associations thus broadens and emphasizes the journal’s field of action, by proposing all year long these places of reflection and discussion. These critical debates, arguing current topics, question the place occupied by subjects as well as the places they are assigned to by social and political transformations. 

Five types of meetings currently exist :

The “Seminars”; the “Debate-conferences” with an invited speaker; the “Debate-meetings” joining several speakers, on a current topic; the “Life-paths’ biographisation”: autobiographical narratives and testimonials, fictional movies and documentaries; the “Library meetings”, celebrating a book publication. Debates with the audience are central to each of our events.

The association wants to be

A place for action and reflection, involved in the issue of the contemporary subject and each of its members is welcomed to suggest events to be organized.